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August 25, 2008


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So adorable. I want that outfit. No, I want to look that cute in that outfit. The first year or so on the school schedule is rough, but after 12 (!) years, my body is programmed to wake up at 6:30 even on vacation. Good luck!


Well I'm proud of you for not crying! I have just over a week left before mine goes and I'm sure I won't be as brave. It's such an odd thing to realize that we are grown-ups isn't it!? My best friend always tells me that she feels like she's just playing house!


Welcome to the club, Sarah! It is both nerveracking and rewarding at the same time! Your little girl looks so sweet! Believe it or not, my oldest starts highschool next year!!
xoxo, Tiffany


ohh i remember that last year !! my son had a terribly hard time with it - so glad to see your daughter is so excited ( i am sure mommy had a harder time- ) Big hugs to you!!! its always hard to see them go off into the world for the first time - !!


Sarah- What an exciting day. She looks cute as a button in her swet outfit. Love the shoes and the hair bow. Griffin's preschool starts next Tuesday~
Hope all is well and you are all recovered!!


Good for you! I bawled like a baby when my girls got on the school bus for the first time. I think that scared them more than anything else!!


what a sweet girl!!! picking flowers for her teacher, how darling sweet is that? adorable!!!


Oh, Sarah! She's so precious! You did better than I ever have. I've cried every year driving home on the first day of school... even this year when Evan started high school and Daniel started middle school. We've just got to see your babies soon. I miss ya'll so much. Please send us some pics of miss "one year old" too!!! I love you --
your cousin, Melinda


Oh goodness... this is going to be me next week! I'm so glad to hear you didn't cry (I hope I don't, or at least I think I hope I don't). How sweet that she brought flowers on her first day!


Awwww! These are golden days! What a sweet picture, hope she had a great day!~


I think the first day of school is harder on the mom more. Your daughter is gorgeous!



Aww, I hope the first day was a great one for her!

Joanna {sweet finds}

how sweet! I posted about my pre-teens going off to Junior High! Where has the time gone? xoxo, Joanna


I am so excited about the first day of school! How sweet! And I am on the other side...the Kinder teacher! :)mendy

jenny fowler

aww, how sweet sarah! she is just precious. my munchkin sleeps in too! i sometimes have to waker her up. i have in afternoon preschool this year, haha. i hope she has a fabulous year (and you too)!


She is adorable!! My big boy started school last Monday for the first time and boy is it hard! I worry about him and miss him all day!!

noodle and lou studio

ooooh Sarah, she is adorable. I'm so glad she was excited about her big day:):)

I've been catching up on your blog and can't believe you had an poor thing!! So happy you are feeling better.

Happy Thursday to you:)

Joy For the Journey

Sarah, sooooo cute! I gave you an award on my blog. Make sure you stop by!
Sarah :)

Alice W.

How exciting!!! I hope when I have kids they are like yours...mornings aren't my! Your daughter looks adorable and ready to go!

Alissa Millsap

What a for the teacher!! I am so proud of you for not crying! I did...and now onto second grade this year.


Oh, she's so cute! I think I'm going to be a mess when my little girl starts school. She's only 17 months now but it goes fast!

Karen from A`Musements

What can I say except, WHAT A DOLL!


She looks so fabulous all dressed in pink! love those sneakers!



Many exciting and amazing times yet to come! Where ya been? Hope all is well with the new house and new schedule! Is it cooling off any down there yet? I am hoping to come down at Christmas but we'll see!

julie king

she looks so cute. you've obviously done a great job raising her since she was so confident on her first day of school!!

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